Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Although my Mom, being the amazing blogger she is, has already posted pictures of Staley's 09 Homecoming, I thought I would go ahead and put a few more.. just in case. :)

Starting with the woman who made it all possible. :)

A few of possibly the greatest friends ever.

My date, Derek Skiles, was such a gentlemen all night long. He's such a great friend to me and makes me laugh all the time. These picture show the TRUE Derek. :)

Elaina Parker.. the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz last year.

These last two photos are my favorite! Kristen did such an astounding job!!!!!!! I can't thank her enough!
Love, Hunter Bug

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"I Think My Water Just Broke"

No. MY water did not just break. But Sis. Bunnell's (my Young Womens leader) did! Last night!

For those of you who don't know this, my parents decided to abandon us this weekend and go run off to Utah for some BYU football and spiritual experiences. Well while they were gone, the Bunnells stayed with us. And for those of you who also don't know, Sis. Bunnell is VERY pregnant.. or WAS! :)

While we were sitting at the kitchen table, eating spaghetti o's and enjoying each others company, the baby decided that he was going to come a month early. Sis. Bunnell suddenly stood up, announcing his arrival. Her husband was at the priesthood session of conference so it was up to Rachel, Bridger, and me to get to her to the hospital! About 25 minutes of being at the hospital, Bro. Bunnell rushed in and we slowly left. We were all so excited that our Young Womens leader could be having her baby!! And the fact that her water broke while she was with us made it THAT much more exciting!

Lacey and Sam Scott came to our home to replace Kristen and David, so Lacey took the call at about 1:30 am... THE BABY WAS BORN! 6 lbs 9 ounces! A BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!

Congratulations Bunnells!!!!!!!!! :)

Love, Hunter Bug

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Are Not Invincible

This weekend marked the first ever annual "It Won't Happen to Me" walk-a-thon. There were friends and families from all over, who had teenagers that have died in car accidents, come and join us in this walk of remembrance. As we walked the path, there were several pictures of teenagers who have lost their lives in the number one killer of teens. Looking at their pictures, I realized how many of their stories I knew by reading the 1st and 2nd edition of the IWHTM books. What is heartbreaking about most of these stories is that when these teens were killed... they weren't doing anything wrong. Most of them were just driving home from work, heading home from a friends house, and some (like Megan) were just passengers in a car. Most of them were killed because of someone elses mistakes, distractions, carelessness, etc.
It CAN happen to you.
It only takes one second. One text. One phone call. One distraction. NEVER, ever are these distractions more important than someone elses life. I am so very grateful for the new texting law that MO has issued for its teens. Personally, I think that this should have been issued to EVERYONE and not just teenagers, but that is a whole different ball park.

It's like I've been told, and what I tell my friends every time I hear of them texting while driving. "You can wait 10 minutes for a stupid text message. Because it never has been and never will be worth someone elses life."
I loved this way of remembering my best friend and bringing to the attention of teens all of the seriousness of America's "silent tragedy".
I'm excited to start working more closely with IWHTM and promoting this at Staley. I want all of them to know too.

Love, Hunter Bug

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Update!

I haven't updated in a while and thought I would share some pictures!!

Tri-Stake Dance: Priest/Laurel

Courtney Cox and Taylor Lott!

(Left to Right) Courtney Cox, Bug, Heather Martin, and Becca Cochran

Issac Aimes

Hopefully I will have more time to update in the future!
Love, Hunter Bug

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So, as most of you know, my Mom and I will be traveling to Norway during Spring Break for the unveiling of a piece of music that is being written especially for our Staley High School Chamber Choir. But.. like most good things.. there is a catch. We have to raise $3,000 per person. That means lots and lots of fundraising. And anything/everything counts. We have been given packets and brochures of different gifts and goodies. So far, the orders I have taken are mostly chocolate, chocolate, and.. more chocolate!

I would like to ask for your support on this long and memorable journey. If it would be at all convenient, I would also ask that you would take a look at the catalog and brochures, whether with me (if you live close) or, if you'd like, on the online catalog and brochures (for those who live far away). As I mentioned.. anything and everything counts.

If you are interested in looking at the online catalog/store, the steps are very simple.
1. Click on the website posted HERE!
2. Click on the "Online Store" icon in the top left hand corner of the screen
3. When asked, enter the Staley HS ID: 1486489
4. Then enter the student name (that would be me): Hunter Kanenwisher

Our cutoff for THIS fundraiser is next Monday.

There will be more fundraisers to come, but this one will hopefully cover mine and my Mom's first payment coming up later this month.

If you are not interested absolutely no worries!! But if you are, thank you ahead of time!!!

Love, Hunter Bug

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hittin' the Ground Runnin'

I've only been attending school for a little over a week and already my schedule has begun to fill up with theater, musicals, shows, etc.

What is the first you ask? When? And where?

This is our first show that we are producing this year at Staley High School. In theater III we get to produce and perform our own show with just the students in the class. The stressful part about it.... It occurs on October 1,2, and 3. AND the best part is... we don't have our scripts yet. So we haven't begun to rehearse. That means we have about 5 weeks to put it together. Oy. But we have begun working on advertisement and continued working on our theater portfolios.. so at least we are being somewhat productive.

Now some of you might be asking "What is the actual musical for this year?". Excellant question!

Yes! We are performing Little Shop of Horrors for our musical this year! Auditions are in November so we are all getting pretty excited for that!

Love, Hunter Bug