Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gettin Ready

In the first couple weeks of August, this image can only mean one thing... Back to school time! Time to get refocused and get back into the "Staley Spirit" mood! I would say that I am pretty well prepared for this school year.. that is.. when it comes to being (as my friend Devin would say) "spiritual".

Don't you think? And this is NOT even close to everything. I guess you can say I have a lot of school spirit. :)

We went over to registration yesterday, and I'm feeling pretty good about my classes. I have a good set of teachers and I have my mind set on A's this year.. hopefully I can stick to it. Plus, (I'm going to remind my Mom about this) my Mom told me that if I get straight A's this year that she will buy me a jeep.. hmmmm.

Well today Rachel and I are soakin up the sun and trying to make the best out of our last few weeks of freedom. Aubrey Anderson!!! I encourage you to do the same! :)

Love, Hunter Bug


  1. Wow, I would be trying hard for those A's!!!!

  2. I encourage you to pick a day and time :)


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