Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't know what I would do without the simple comfort of prayer. The amount of times it has blessed my life are endless. Personal prayer is probably the greatest gift ever given to me. It's my time to ask for help; to show my Heavenly Father how much I love him.

In my prayers tonight, I will be praying for the Zink family in our stake. They have suffered a terrible loss of their son... and I ask that you would do the same.

I like to ask "why" in my prayers a lot. And I have noticed that usually when I ask "why" I don't get an answer. It's almost like He's trying to tell me even if I knew why things happened.. I wouldn't be able to change them.. So why tell me at all? I've learned to stop being stubborn and asking why, and comfort those who need it. I think tonight while I prayer for the Zinks.. instead of asking why.. I'll ask how. How can I help to comfort this family? How can I learn from this?

Please remember the Zinks in your prayers.

Love, Hunter Bug


  1. That's terrible. But you are right when you say we don't know why for now but someday we will. I have this same stubborness and struggle with now knowing why, but I always am comforted when I turn to my heavenly father as if he says to me "you'll know soon".

  2. That is a very wise statement. Thanks for sharing! One more thought about the power of prayer: no matter what happens and no matter how powerless we feel, we can always pray. It is the one source of power that nobody can take away from us. If only we used it better...

  3. You are a wise young lady. Thanks for sharing your insights. I will keep this family in my prayers. Love you.

  4. Girlie, you're wise beyond your years. The Zinks are in our prayers.


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